We help dentists integrate simple, safe, low-overhead and lucrative soft tissue procedures to achieve massive growth and fulfillment.

That's our mission.



The Masters of Soft Tissue program gives general dentists the pillars and practical knowledge to perform soft tissue surgery. We  arm you with a system to diagnose, communicate and predictably treat recession, soft tissue defects and gummy smile cases. We are deteremined to get rid of confusion and dogma and at the same time give your the confidence and clarity to perform surgery with minimal overhead costs and only burs, a scalpel and 7 instruments. THIS COURSE IS A GAME CHANGER!


Dr. Tony Mancuso


"The thing that I really liked about Ziv's teaching philosophy is that the tries to teach you how to do these types of surgeries in a predictable and safe fashion."

Dr. Ann Chen


"For me beyond just learning those concepts , having Ziv to answer my questions, having the forum its helped give me the confidence to implement what I've learned which is extremely important."

Dr. Tanupriya Gupta


"I'm absolutely indebted to Dr. Ziv Simon for opening a whole new world of surgical periodontics to me. He is a phenomenal mentor."

In this online course you will learn

  • How to improve tissue quality- so your patients don't loose teeth prematurely and so your implants last longer.  
  • How to graft recession on single teeth so that your patients' teeth can finally look normal and esthetic and not long and old.
  • How to graft recession on multiple teeth so that you can offer an alternative to class V restorations and treat full arches in one visit.
  • How to equilibrate gum tissue prior to  esthetic cases so that your final results are framed with beautiful symmetrical tissue that adds to harmony of the final smile.
All while creating growth and forward movement in your practice. Your patients present with these exact  problems every day and want you to treat them or give them the option and guide them to a good referral whom you trust. But first we must understand whats at stake and how certain dental soft tissue promblems present in their early stages. That way you are right there to intercept those issues because you know! Our doctors are leaders and set the standard for quality dental care in their communities while maintaining and growing successful practices in positive environments.



One payment

  • Masters of Soft Tissue online course ($2,499 Value)
  • BONUS #1: 5+ LIVE surgeries by Dr. Simon ($600 Value)
  • BONUS #2: Esthetic & Functional Crown Lengthening Surgery Program ($1,495 Value)
  • BONUS #3: GlamgumTM Depigmentation Course ($1,500 Value)


    TOTAL $6,094 $2499



3 payments of $899

3 Monthly Payment of $899

  • Masters of Soft Tissue online course ($2,499 Value)
  • BONUS #1: 5+ LIVE surgeries by Dr. Simon ($600 Value)
  • BONUS #2: Esthetic & Functional Crown Lengthening Surgery Program ($1,495 Value)
  • BONUS #3: GlamgumTM Depigmentation Course ($1,500 Value)


    TOTAL $6,094 $899 x 3


1 full year mentorship in soft  tissue surgery 



It's like having a top notch periodontist on your team to coach in the arena of soft tissue surgery. Dr. Ziv Simon has trained thousands of dentists worldwide.

His teaching style is simple and concise and his philosophy is that knowledge should be shared with generosity and transparency. He strongly believes that every dentists with the right mindset and armed with clarity and confidence can perform at a top level and enjoy the same growth and fulfillment that he has gained over the years.

Step-by-step video tutorials



Study at your own pace and get your questions answered as you encounter different cases in your practice throughout the year. Dr. Simon's teaching and mentorship will not leave any questions unanswered and he will not stop until you implement all the teachings in this training. From you we need committment to do the due diligence. Start slow and calculated and grow your surgical skills in a healthy direction. Ziv's goal is to enable dentists to replicate the results from his Beverly Hills specialty practice. 20 years of practicing as a surgical specialist are served to you on a silver plate. All passionate, positive, awesome dentists are allowed here!


Learn at your own pace strategic procedures that require minimal overhead, are under diagnosed and overlooked by dentists, that are beneficial to the patient and profitable to your practice. Sign up NOW and THANK ME later!


Key benefits from this course ==>


We want you to have solutions to handle patients with the following concerns with confidence and at the same level as a well trained periodontist - 

Maggie proceeds to tell you:

  • "Doctor I have a lot of sensitivity on this one tooth and the root is showing, what are my options?" Actually she might not tell you the root is showing, but she WILL complain about sensitivity. Now what are our options here, and what is in the best interest of the patient?

Another patient Makram might tell you: 

  • "Hey Doc! I want veneers but I am not sure if that will solve my uneven gum line. What are my options? Actually, he will not tell you about his uneven gum line, but he will tell you he wants veneers.

Now are you ready to deliver an awesome result here with beautiful final 'layered e-max' or feldspathic porcelain restorations?

And what MINOR or MAJOR changes do you need to do to your patient's gums to magnify your final result. You can achieve increased esthetic results when you have the clarity and courage to manipulate the soft tissue around those anterior teeth. It's the front, challenging yes, but also predictable when you gain the perspective on what are your treatment planning options and then it is up to you to either do the treatment or refer your patient to a trusted colleague who can deliver the results you envision. 

Or Chris might tell you: 

  • "Doctor my gums are receding on my lower front teeth, and the teeth are starting to get more loose. Is there anything you can do?" 

Whether you see a patient with an isolated recession or multiple teeth recession, you now have the ability to treat those patients with predictability following the system for success in soft tissue surgery that is taught inside the Masters of Soft Tissue online program. 

It doesn't stop at recession treatment, you will also have a clear step by step system for equiplibrating the gums around your cosmetic cases. Whether you need to add tissue through grafting or subtract tissue via cosmetic crown lengthening. Imagine a clear path on managing both the soft and hard tissue that frame your final porcelain or ZIrconia restorations.



I'm excited and ready to do this. I've been seeking a way to grow my surgical skills with a positive supportive group. I am passionate about doing quality dentistry and I am committed to doing the work. MASTER OF SOFT TISSUE IS A GAME CHANGER


Module 1:

Improving tissue quality

A system for improving soft tissue quality will help you gain clarity on achieving predictably successful results so you can manage muco-gingival defects and not neglect or miss those patients who show symptoms of soft tissue deterioration all while having patients you treat thanking you for saving their teeth.

  • Treatment planning - and choosing the right soft tissue surgery for the case
  • Communication - consents - administration
  • Step-by-stey system for clinical execution of soft tissue surgery
  • Post Surgical Management
Video Poster Image
Video Poster Image

Module 2:

Esthetic single root coverage procedure

We all see recession on our patients sometimes localized to one or two teeth while other cases have generalized recession. Learn how to:

  • Treatment plan recession
  • Communicate to patients their risks, benefits, and alternatives to doing soft tissue surgery to fix their recession
  • Clinical execution - A-Z Step by step instruments and techniques to treating single tooth recession cases 
  • Post Surgical Management

Module 3:

Full arch & full mouth grafting for root coverage 

This module will give you the ability to deliver solutions to patients who have full mouth recession. Get clear on when to watch it and when you need to intervene. 

All that knowledge in a soft tissue surgery system so you know where and when and how to incise during your surgeries and so your grafts are seamless and no one can tell which is a graft and which is not. All that so you can sleep at night knowing that your grafts have good blood supply and won’t fall off when the patient sneezes.

Video Poster Image
Video Poster Image

Module 4:

Preparation for cosmetic cases

You probably do veneers and other esthetic cases. Learn one of the secret weapons of esthetic dentists: Soft tissue cosmetic surgery. 

You will learn: 

  • Clinical execution of esthetic crown lengthening
  • Post Surgical Management and managing relapse
  • How to plan and simulate before surgery
  • Avoiding excessive removal  and minimizing flaps

Dr. Steve Hatcher


"Ziv comes from a place of abundance and he's elevating the standard of care. I highly, highly recommend his course."

Dr. Richard Thean


"I really enjoyed this course and interacting with Dr. Simon and also all the other surgical masters who enrolled. It's been a fantastic learning experience." 

Dr. Thomas Hirsch


"I was expecting a 10 on a scale of 1 to 10, he gave me a 50. The course super exceeded my expectations."

These are the bonuses you will be getting when you join the MASTERS OF SOFT TISSUE program today

Video Poster Image

BONUS #1: 

5+ Live surgeries by Dr. Ziv Simon ($600 Value)

5 Surgical procedure uniquely documented with surgical footage combined with full room footage to show not only how Dr. Ziv Simon performs these surgeries step by step, but also how he interacts with his team members and utilizes his assistants during surgery. 

The 5 surgeries that are in this program are: 

1. Sliding flap surgery

2. Connective tissue graft surgery

3. Free gingival graft surgery

4. Tunneling recession repair surgery

5. Cosmetic Crown lengthening surgery

This program takes you chair-side with Dr. Simon. It's just like being there with him and looking over his shoulder.  

  • Learn to plan incisions & flaps
  • Step-by-step surgical instructions
  • Videos and more resources teaching you crown lengthening surgery
Video Poster Image


Esthetic & Functional Crown Lengthening Surgery Program ($1,495 Value)

5 WEEK online program that covers both functional and esthetic crown lengthening. 

  • Learn to plan incisions & flaps
  • Step-by-step surgical instructions
  • Videos and more resources teaching you crown lengthening surgery
Video Poster Image


GlamgumTM Depigmentation Course ($1,500 Value)

Learn how to turn black gums into pink healthy looking gums with Dr. Rashad Riman inventor of the GlamgumTM technique and Dr. Ziv Simon.

Be amongst the first doctors in the world to get trained in the GlamgumTM Technique - This bonus alone is one and a half times the cost of this course! 

What you'll get:

  • Review of existing gum depigmentation techniques in dentistry.
  • How to diagnose gum pigmentation and how to pick your cases? 
  • How to price out the GlamgumTM procedure.
  • Exact scripts on how to discuss the GlamgumTM depigmentation procedure with your patients so that you manage their expectations and get proper informed consent.
  • Administrative forms for the GlamgumTM Depigmentation procedure. 
  • List of all necessary instruments, materials and equipment needed to perform GlamgumTM depigmentation. 
  • Step-by-step clinical execution system for the GlamgumTM technique - from the time you numb to the time you write your prescription and exact post op and maintenance instructions. 
  • Complications management- Where things can go wrong and how to prevent them before they happen. 
  • Before and after photos and a license to use the Glamgum trademark in your marketing to let patients know that you are a provider of this procedure.

This training is delivered by GlamgumTM inventor Dr. Rashad Riman and Dr. Ziv Simon. 

Video Poster Image


Get the program. Try it out and if you are not blown away by the value and quality of the content then you can give it back within 30 days. You will be fully refunded for any reason or no reason at all. Just let us know. The risk is fully on us. We want to make sure that you are fully happy with your choice.

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Dr. Mark Link


"There were just a lot of aspects of this course that provided clarity for me to things that I already do, but I feel like I'll do better when I go back.

Both, Ziv and Rashad, teach in a humanistic and fun way. I'm getting a great perspective on surgery although I'm an experienced clinician. I love the simple and concise teaching. I would highly recommend SurgicalMaster for any GP."

Dr. Ruth Caprini


"You finally take a course where they promise you'll learn certain skills and they give you more. And the difference and the change in the mindset with what Ziv and Rashad are doing is really being honest, uplifting others, and no one else does that.

The things I have learned from SurgicalMaster are practical and make surgery fun!"

Dr. Beverly Jaiswal


"Dr. Simon is an excellent teacher, he goes above and beyond by not just giving us an algorithm to follow. What he does is he goes in depth through the whole decision making process that has to happen in order to treat these surgical cases properly and in order to be prepared for these cases as well. I am just glad that I took the course and I can't wait to implement everything that I've learned so far."

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My simple guarantee

As with all my trainings, I offer a full money back guarantee.

I know it helped hundreds of dentists to master and grow their surgical skills but if you are unhappy in any way and feel that the training didn't do what you expected it to do or for any reason whatsoever, you can give it back within 30 days and you will be fully refunded. The risk is on me.

To your surgical success, prosperity and happiness,

Ziv Simon, DMD, MSc

Creator of SurgicalMasterR



One payment

  • Masters of Soft Tissue online course ($2,499 Value)
  • BONUS #1: 5+ LIVE surgeries by Dr. Simon ($600 Value)
  • BONUS #2: Esthetic & Functional Crown Lengthening Surgery Program ($1,495 Value)
  • BONUS #3: GlamgumTM Depigmentation Course ($1,500 Value)


    TOTAL $6,094 $2499


Payment plan

3 payments of $899

3 monthly payments of $899

  • Masters of Soft Tissue online course ($2,499 Value)
  • BONUS #1: 5+ LIVE surgeries by Dr. Simon ($600 Value)
  • BONUS #2: Esthetic & Functional Crown Lengthening Surgery Program ($1,495 Value)
  • BONUS #3: GlamgumTM Depigmentation Course ($1,500 Value)


    TOTAL $6,094 $899 x 3