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Implant Blueprint Mentorship™ IBM


 6 Core Modules (Streaming)
 6 Implementation Webinars
 1 year access
 48 AGD PACE credits
✓ 12 monthly coaching webinars 
✓ 12 case submissions


Bonus 1: Implant Masters Program ($2,997 Value)
Bonus 2: Ultimate Surgical Assistant Program ($997 Value)

Bonus 3: Twelve Case Uploads and 6 Implementation Trainings ($997 Value)

Total: $8,500

Today: $3500

Bonus #1- Implant Masters Program ($2,997 Value)

A Full Suite of Implant Training Focusing On Key Areas Below:

🎯 CGI Box: Dive deep into the process of Computer Guided Implant Surgery with cases that you can plan on a free software that you can download.

🎯SpeakCT: Computer Tomography is an essential tool for modern day implant surgery. Learn how to read CT Scans so that you can plan your surgical cases with ease.

🎯 Also Get The 6 Most Common Implant Placement Scenarios Course
☑️ Upper molar with sinus lift
☑️ Upper premolar with sinus lift
☑️ Upper central incisor- delayed placement
☑️ Lower molar with missing buccal plate
☑️ Lower premolar immediate placement
☑️ Multiple adjacent implants in the mandible

Bonus #2- Ultimate Surgical Assistant Program ($997 Value)

This course is an open book to Dr. Simon's assisting team. Through the videos you will learn about the surgical set-up for many procedures including sinus lifts, implant surgery, extractions, bone grafting and more. You will also get tips and tricks from actual Ultimate Surgical Assistants that learned to assist in a high level.

Bonus #3- Twelve Case Uploads and 6 Implementation Trainings ($997 Value)

This is an incredible benefit you'll have access to. You can upload your cases and have Dr. Simon give you his treatment guidance on your specific case. In addition, you'll get implementation training recordings that shows you exactly how to start and put into ACTION what you learn in this course.



What People Are Saying:

“It's the ability to raise what you do to another level. I place implants and I haven't done very many soft tissue procedures, which is exactly why I took this course, just to boost that knowledge and to boost the effectiveness and efficiency of what I do. ”

Dr. Derwin Munroe, Bahamas

“I'm probably placing about 100 implants a year now. And I think you could always learn and do better, and I want to feel more confident and do my cases at the same level as a qualified periodontist like Dr. Ziv. I've had patients say, why did you send me to this doctor? Can't you do it? And so I finally wanted to learn myself how to do it so that I can take better care of my patients.”

Dr. Phil Mendelovitz, Los Angeles

“Ziv is just a great teacher, and he's real open so you feel comfortable asking him questions. He explains the difficulties he has and that helps me get over my difficulties. I started placing implants here lately and so Ziv’s teachings increased my implant surgery skills, and along with implant placement comes soft tissue considerations and problems so this course had that covered and that's why I chose it.”

Dr. John Thomas, Oklahoma