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An absolute essential: Learn 21 step-by-step surgical protocols in easy-to-follow online videos— from free gingival grafting, through managing the missing buccal plate to crown lengthening and beyond. 

In addition to the user-friendly course, you’ll receive the 21 Protocols book as a reference guide PLUS the Profit Protocols book and online course, which is a comprehensive lesson plan that highlights the economics of surgery so you can run a smart, cost-effective practice thats a win win for you and your patients. 

This offer includes:

  • 21 Protocols online course
  • Profit Protocols online course
  • 21 Protocols book
  • Profit Protocols book

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Implant Blueprint Mentorship™ Single Pay

Do you want the knowledge and mindset to perform implants at the level of a periodontist? Do you want to have full confidence going into every implant procedure? If the answer is yes, there’s no better way to gain the expertise you need than through Surgicalmaster’s Implant Blueprint Mentorship™ (IBM). This user friendly, six-module course provides the most efficient and effective way to learn implant surgery and manage complex implant cases with a focus on accuracysafety and practice growth. It’s an absolute ‘must-have’ in your library of learnings if you want to expand your practice. It’s an easy, step-by-step approach to mastery. Once a month, you'll also be invited to join a live 2-hour coaching webinar with Dr. Ziv Simon where you can share your clinical case for discussion and feedback. 

You’ll learn the 6 core systems to success in implant surgery: 

  1. Extraction and bone grafting 
  2. Implant planning rules
  3. Soft tissue grafting of implant sites
  4. Implant placement protocols
  5. Stage 2 surgery
  6. Implant maintenance protocols

Bonus - You'll also have access to:

  • Speak CT
  • Bulletproof Surgeon Lessons
  • Implant Gold Rush Online Course
  • CGI Box
  • Ultimate Surgical Assistant Online Course
  • Audio Program: Implant Surgery Must-Have Knowledge
  • Mastering Implant Complications

What People Are Saying:

Ziv is just a great teacher, and he's real open so you feel comfortable asking him questions. He explains the difficulties he has and that helps me get over my difficulties. I started placing implants here lately and so Ziv’s teachings increased my implant surgery skills, and along with implant placement comes soft tissue considerations and problems so this course had that covered and that's why I chose it.

Dr. John Thomas, Oklahoma

I'm probably placing about 100 implants a year now. And I think you could always learn and do better, and I want to feel more confident and do my cases at the same level as a qualified periodontist like Dr. Ziv. I've had patients say, why did you send me to this doctor? Can't you do it? And so I finally wanted to learn myself how to do it so that I can take better care of my patients.

Dr. Phil Mendelovitz, Los Angeles

It's the ability to raise what you do to another level. I place implants and I haven't done very many soft tissue procedures, which is exactly why I took this course, just to boost that knowledge and to boost the effectiveness and efficiency of what I do.

Dr. Derwin Munroe, Bahamas